Elivecampus is complete online campus management software extend campus information to teachers, staff members, parents, students and management. eLivecampus provides flexible access to users from within the school, from home or over the public internet - with digital encryption of your data offering peace of mind and security. Connecting your campus community with eLivecampus will provide you with the ability to offer staff new ways of working and provide parents with access to valuable family and student information. By accessing, viewing and managing information over the web, teachers can access information from home, whilst parents can access their child's attendance and academic records.



arrrowStaff Administration
arrrowParents Portal Management
arrrowStudents Module
arrrowAdmin Module
arrrowAssignment management
arrrowExam Management
arrrowKnowledge Management System(KMS)
arrrowEvents / News Management Module
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arrrowelivecampus is .NET based campus management software. Provides high level of security.
arrrowDatabase back up facility for safety and reliability.
arrrowIt gives graphical analysis of the student's and teacher's performance.
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Enterprise Essentials


Enterprise Essentials is one of the leading Enterprise resource planning (ERP)software which integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, CRM, etc. Enterprise Essentials automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.
A sound foundation is necessary to compete and win in the global marketplace. The Enterprise Essentials ERP application supports the essential functions of your business processes and operations efficiently and are tailored to specific needs of your industry. Meet today's challenges in finance with industry-leading financial management software in Enterprise Essentials ERP Financials. Complete, industry-specific, scalable and global – Enterprise Essentials ERP Financials enables your teams to address changing financial reporting standards, improve cash flow, and manage financial risks.
Optimize your HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management solution: Enterprise Essentials ERP Human Capital Management (Enterprise Essentials ERP HCM). With Enterprise Essentials ERP HCM, you get the help you need to attract the right people, develop and leverage their talents, align their efforts with corporate objectives, and retain top performers. The Enterprise Essentials ERP Operations solution is the software backbone that contributes to achieve operational excellence in key business areas, including procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and service. With Enterprise Essentials ERP Operations, you can streamline your day-to-day operations to reduce costs, increase revenues, maximize profitability, and improve customer service – all key benefits to sustain your competitive advantage.

Enterprise Essentials have eight major modules comprising of
arrrowHuman Resource Management
arrrowAsset Management

Procurement applies Internet technologies to the buying process in the supply chain. As businesses seek to improve cash management and reduce administrative costs, Procurement is more than just an attractive option—it becomes a necessity. This guide examines e-procurement solutions and how they can improve your purchasing process. Procurement is the purchasing of product components, standard raw materials, customized supplies, and other goods needed to conduct business operation.

  • Study the comparisons from Early purchases (It can be either item wise comparison or supplier wise comparison
  • Accepting tenders or quotations
  • Selecting the supplier
  • Submitting formal request for goods and services to the suppliers
  • Getting the approval from buyer
  • Processing the purchase order
  • Fulfilling the order
  • Delivery
  • Receipt
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Purchase Returns
1. Improved Supplier Management.
2. Cost Reductions and Procurement Savings.
3. Improved Documentation.
4. Increased Speed.
Various MRP reports
  • Purchase order details
  • Arrival Register
  • Stock reports
  • Supplier payment status
  • Pending tenders
  • Pending purchase order report
  • Imports details
  • Daily Arrival report
  • Material in transit report
  • Warehouse wise stock report
  • Insurance details
  • Rejected material report
  • Supplier assessment
  • ABC analysis
  • FSL analysis(Fast moving Slow moving and dead stock )
  • Item Traceabiltiy
  • Supplier wise price analysis
  • Yearly purchase comparisons
  • Material budgeting (Compared with last year purchases)
  • Import analysis(country wise , Item wise)
The Work Initiating Authority uses this module to
  • Create Work Orders – for creating a new work order and attaching a drawing.
  • View Work Status – for viewing the current status of a Work Order
  • Modify Priority – for changing the priority of a work
This is one of the three key modules in the system. It is sub divided into functions like
  • Pre-Planning – for Production History, Raw Material Lookup and Costing
  • Routing – for creating Job Cards for a Work Order
  • Scheduling – for creating Sequence for the Job Cards
  • Dispatching – for sending the component to Production or for Inspection
  • Control – for generating Work Order Register and Work-In-Process Register
This is the second of the three key modules in the system. It is sub divided into
  • Update Job Card – for updating the job status, machine details etc.
  • Allot Employee – for linking a machine to an employee for each shift
  • Machine Utilization Card – for printing the machine utilization cards
  • Tool Register – for managing the Procurement, Issue and Return of both Permanent Items as well as Consumable Items
This is the final of the three key modules in the system. It handles the acceptance or rejection of a job. A Job Card is selected based on the Job Card Number and the result of inspection is updated.
  • Sell products and provide services faster and more economically
  • Make more accurate order commitments to customers
  • Increase efficiencies and lower sales & order processing costs
  • Increase revenue growth and strengthen customer relationships
  • collaborative business processes with customers
1. Enquiry
2. Sales order
3. Sales invoice
4. Sales return
5. Sales register
6. Sales analysis
7. Pending sale order
8. Sales comparison reports
9. Customer dues
10. Customer profile
11. Due date reports
12. List of top customers
13. Item wise sales analysis
14. Fast moving items
15. Slow moving items
16. Dead stock
17. Customer complaints

The human Resource module is comprehensive in the sense that it has all requirements of HRMS system. All employee centric details like leave attendance, on duty, training tours, assignments etc., for part of this module. Some of them like Tours, Training, Meetings etc., form part of more elaborate module explained separately.

  • Employee Data Bank
  • Leave Applications
  • Leave Approval
  • Attendance
  • Swipe systems
  • Department wise details
  • Training
  • Assignments
Some other features
  • Employee Details
  • Leave Report
  • Attendance Report
  • On duty details
  • Training Details
  • Assignment Details
  • Salary Details
  • Blood bank
Details from this module will be used in the Payroll module to generate the salary.
Details like Attendance, Employee details etc., will be drawn from the Human Resource module to generate the salary.
  • Employee Details
  • Attendance
  • Loans
  • Life Insurance
  • Variable deductions
  • Fixed earnings
  • Variable earnings
  • Fixed deductions
  • Income tax
Some Reports
  • Pay Slip
  • Department wise summary
  • PF statement
  • Monthly Returns
  • PF yearly returns
  • Income tax statements
  • Other statutory reports
  • Bank statements
  • Loan statements
  • Insurance statements

The Accounts department uses the financial accounting module to monitor the details of the daily transactions and to maintain the books of accounts. This module has the facility to capture the different type of vouchers viz. Cash, Bank, Journal, Purchase and Sales. The system generates the voucher after it is keyed-in. It can also print details of payment cheques if required. It maintains the following primary books, Cash Book , Bank Book, Journal Register, Sales Registers and Purchase registers. The system also generates the Subsidiary Ledgers, General Ledgers, Trial Balance and Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet statements. There is also provision for maintaining the books of different sister companies using the same system. This module can help the accounts department to prepare annual budgets and print a Budget utilization report. There is provision for printing the Receipts and Payments register for a user-defined set of accounts.

  • Debtors ledger
  • Creditors ledger
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Cancelled voucher report
  • Journal voucher report
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Trial Balance
  • Asset Register
  • Certification of Assets
  • Certificate Due Details
  • Asset Write Off Details
  • Asset Sales

Maintenance software have nowadays become a important part of any computerization. This is an area where there are a lot of un-monitored direct and in-direct expenses. This module is designed to address this as well as give Maintenance staff better control and monitoring capability. Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance details are fed in and analyzed. Various parameters are fed into the system and monitoring may be done, like water consumption, civil works monitoring, effluent treatment etc.

  • Machinery Details
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Water Consumption
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Service Requests
  • Civil Works
  • Engineering Works
  • Civil Work Analysis
  • Engineering work Analysis